Who We Serve

Our clients realize the high cost of failure of our mission and its long-term nature, and therefore place primary importance on trust, friendship, quality of execution, and reliability. Our clients do not micromanage, but rather value our special care, advice, and faith-based approach to help achieve their goals.

U.S. clients

We work with public company executives, business owners and entrepreneurs, top scientists, and physicians, both active and retired, and their multi-generational families and business entities. We particularly care for the needs of widowed and divorced women.

International clients

Reflecting our own roots, Ketoret has an additional specialized objective of helping clients who have emigrated or plan to emigrate to Israel – the Olim – from the U.S., the U.K., or France. We work with allies of Israel in the Arab world (UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia), as well as Christian supporters of Israel globally.