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Ketoret Capital was founded to create a more advanced and direct way to care for our clients. Learn more about how we strive to purposefully grow our clients' wealth.

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Ketoret Capital is an independent wealth management firm helping successful people and entities they control enjoy a purposeful financial well-being, without geographic constraints. We help clients align life and wealth and serve as their de facto global CFO.

For both our U.S. and International clients, Ketoret Capital fulfills four functional roles:

Trust is foundational to our relationship as it will enable us to make good decisions together, especially during difficult times.

Comprehensive planning allows us to align your wealth to what matters most to you and gives financial decisions purpose.

Your plan will inform the appropriate asset allocation and investment selection.

We help you select and manage your banking and lending relationships and coordinate with your other advisors, such as CPAs and attorneys, to ensure your assets are titled effectively and your capital structure is optimal and tax-efficient.

Our firm was founded in 2022

with a team of professionals who bring a combined experience of over 40 years in the financial services industry.

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We believe in faith-based kindness and honesty, and we treasure our clients, sacred trust.

About Our Name:

“ketoret” (Hebrew ,קטרת, loosely translated as “incense”) was a special compound offered daily in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Our mission strongly identifies with ketoret in several respects:

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Unity & Bonding

Jewish sages tell us that ketoret symbolized a link between spiritual and material. This is very much at the core of our client work: we seek to marry our clients’ life purpose, financial goals, and temperament with their balance sheet. We seek to spiritualize our clients’ financial aspirations and thus make their lives more meaningful and fulfilling.

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The pleasing fragrance of the ketoret brought protection from plagues and witchcraft. We prioritize protecting our clients’ capital from short-termism, speculation, fraud, and online bulletin board misinformation.

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Ketoret was a highly desirable offering for another reason – it mystically brought wealth to the priest who’d offered it. We strive to purposefully grow our clients’ wealth just as a good gardener strives to grow his apple orchard.